Have you ever read Pilgrim's Progress? No? Neither have I, but I know it talks of the Christian faith being like a journey. If this is the case, can I ask you a question: How's your journey following Jesus? I think that for too many of us it's simply ordinary, punctuated by the odd moment when God bursts in and He answers a prayer or uses us to bless others.

Is this all it's meant to be? Ordinary?

No, I fully believe that God is calling each of us to a greater journey - one that is fuller, deeper and more glorious than we can imagine. Over these next five weeks we're going to explore what this greater journey may look like and how it reflects the heartbeat of Chi Alpha.

So where to begin? Well, in John 4:1-7 we see Jesus on a journey and he comes to a well and meets a woman. They have a conversation and her journey is changed, as is that of her whole community. Simply because Jesus met her at a well. 

Yale is our well, Yale is your well. You're gathered here for a season of your life and you're surrounded by people, friends, suite-mates and peers, who you can invite on to the same journey you're on. I believe that when we invite them in to this glorious journey--our own journey of following Jesus--it becomes more fulfilling, meaningful and wonderful.

Is your Christian life too ordinary? Sadly so often mine is too. Why don't we work together to see those gathered at our well join in the journey of faith we're on? I promise you, it'll change your life.