Sometimes interacting with God can feel as ordinary and routine as putting on shoes in the morning. We go to church and we know exactly what's going to happen, the order in which it will happen, and how long it will occur. This can be great, routine can be a very good and even healthy thing. However, it can also drive us into worshiping God or praying on autopilot. Then we sing songs without paying attention to what we are saying and rattle off a list of prayers so we can check the box.

In Revelation 1, John encounters the Lord in a really incredible way and what he tells us of that experience can have a significant impact on how ordinary, or not, our relationship with God feels. 

First, he is reminded of who God is. Over time, we have tendency to view God as significantly smaller than he actually is. Like he's not great and powerful, can't answer our prayers, and isn't altogether awe-inspiring. But when we view God as John literally saw Him that changes. When we pray, we actually believe that He will answer. When we worship, we do so with intensity because we see God for who He is.

Second, John is reminded of what the Lord has done for us. We are reminded of all that we've been given through Christ--namely eternal life with him and the freedom to enter his presence without fear. When we stop to think about all we've gained in Christ we can't help but worship him wholeheartedly and talk with him in prayer regularly. 

Who he is is worthy of all that we have. Sometimes we just have to slow ourselves down enough to realize it.