When I read about or hear about exceptional people who have done exceptional things it is easy to assume that they had a special ability that drove them to greatness.  

“Wouldn’t it be great”, I wonder, “to be able to love like that or care like her.”  Sometimes, great abilities seem to be the generous gift of the blessed.  Not something available for everyday folks.

And yet, what’s surprising is that Jesus chooses common, everyday folks to do exceptional things.  He doesn’t ask for resumes, but willing hearts & minds that would follow him in the journey.

I’ve come to realize that the more I am in proximity with others who are on the journey too, the more I align myself to Christ and his good news, the more I see the fruitfulness of him in my life.

Exceptional things (fruitful life?) bursts through the walls and the windows of the private room I’ve created to shelter my petty vanities and secret ambitions and gives me the chance to live for something larger: a story greater than myself.

Do you want to see fruitfulness in your life this year?  Journey with us!  God consistently does the exceptional through the faithful & willing hearts. 

“If the point of life is the same as the point of a story, the point of life is character transformation. If I got any comfort as I set out on my first story, it was that in nearly every story, the protagonist is transformed. He’s a jerk at the beginning and nice at the end, or a coward at the beginning and brave at the end. If the character doesn’t change, the story hasn’t happened yet. And if story is derived from real life, if story is just condensed version of life then life itself may be designed to change us so that we evolve from one kind of person to another. ”
— Donald Miller, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years