Have you ever watched the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon? I love it when he plays the 'hashtag' game. He tweets out a hashtag and you respond to it. Yet if we were to pause for a moment we'd realize just how new a phenomena this is - hashtags - none of us grew up with them.

But the idea of slogans or pithy phrases aren't new at all. They've been part of our culture for thousands of years. In fact this was part of the problem with the Corinthian church that Paul was having to address in this letter. They were now adopting slogans, some of them initially good and may even have been started by Paul, but they were being twisted and becoming unhealthy. For the Corinthians one of the biggest problems they were now facing was that they believed their bodies were irredeemable, neutral. That their spirituality was disconnected from their physicality and slogans were springing up attesting to this. 

And Paul comes back at them to say, "You think you're masters over your body? Be careful, for your bodies may become masters over you. In fact you may become enslaved to the very thing you believe to be neutral and worthless."


So it makes me think: What slogans, or hashtags float around us at Yale?

Take some time to think about the things we hear on a daily basis. Slogans such as:
"You can do three things at Yale: academics, extracurricular and sleep. You can only choose two" or "Netflix and chill"

Ask yourself: Am I enslaved to these? Do these actually master me?

For change to take place we can't begin by simply adopting new slogans. We need to allow God to give us a new vision for our life - change must come from the inside - and this redirects our behaviors. 

Here are two truths for you:

You are the apple of God's eye - Zechariah 2:8

Jesus calls you friend - John 15:15

When we begin to believe these truths we begin to change from the inside out. We can now begin to live by new slogans, grounded in scripture, and walk a new path with Jesus.

What new slogans do you need to write?