A six-week study. Topics include: dealing with trials and temptations; growing in humility; faith working with action; learning to control our speech; separation from the world's systems; deepening prayer

1 John

An eight-week study. Topics include: a church regaining her sight on Christ; loving a brother and sister in Christ; Staying the course with Christ; Being a child of God; Discerning the Spirit of truth and of falsehood; The demonstration love of Christ; Christ our victory; Supplementing a life of prayer.


A seven-week study. Topics include: living counter-culturally; seeking wisdom; identifying idols; speaking truth into someone; learning to be holy; trusting God in difficult situations; learning to pray for the campus. 


A ten-week study. This study is designed to look at the birth and preparation; message and ministry; and death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.



An eight-week study. Topics include: staying in step with the true Gospel; Peter and Paul in disagreement; Justification in faith; Right relationship with God; Adoption into the family of God; Right approach of freedom; Spirit-living vs. flesh-living; Restoring those who have been in sin.

Acts of the Apostles

An eight-week study. Topics include: The power of the Holy Spirit among the believers; the Church growing; Being obedient to the Spirit; Conversion of Saul of Tarsus; The Gospel taken to Gentiles; Receiving of the Holy Spirit; Acting in accordance with the Holy Spirit; and ending well

The Normal Christian Life

A ten-week study. Core Group members should read the articles either before the Core Group meeting or during the meeting. Topics include: grace, intimacy, community, obedience, discipline, joy, mission, justice, cost, and power.