Discipleship Resources

These tools are designed to equip you in your leadership and to help you mentor in your discipleship meetings.

For Core Group Meetings:

These resources are designed to help you think through how to best provide the leadership your group needs. They are not necessarily meant to take place of the Core Group Study. They are meant more for if a topic comes up in Core Group that might resonate with the group. Please read "A Practical Guide to Core Group" first.

A Practical Guide to Core Group (*important to read*)
Core Group Meeting Expectations and Outline
Building Relationships
Affirmation of Core Group Members
Applying the Bible to the Meeting // Prayer
Getting to Know You Questions
Why Study The Bible
Discerning God's Will
Developing Intimacy with God (part 1)
Developing Intimacy with God (part 2)
Five Minutes a Day Will Change Your Thinking
Letting the Bible Transform Our Thinking
Plans for Spending Alone Time With Jesus
The Essence of Integrity
Walking in Darkness

For One-on-One Discipleship Meetings:

These resources are designed to help you think through how to best provide mentorship to the students you meet up with. In order to best serve the students you meet with, it would be best to familiarize yourself with each of these handouts. These are meant to be printed out and read through together in your meeting. Please read "A Practical Guide to One-on-One Meetings" first. 

A Practical Guide to One-on-One Meetings (*important to read*)
Expectations and Practicals
Etiquette and Atmosphere for a Meeting
Book Recommendations
Telling Your Story
Asking Good Questions
5 Great Questions to Ask
Beginner's Bible Study
ACTS Prayer Plan
God Space
Purple Book Memory Verse Checklist
The 'One Another' Texts
Verses on Grace
Verses on Forgiveness
6-8-10 Decision Making
Identity in Christ
Inner Transformation Journal
Orphan Vs. Son
The Christian's Scriptural Identity and Position