Welcome to Yale Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship!

First things first: our name.  It comes from the Greek in 2 Corinthians 5:20 in the New Testament which reads, "we are therefore Christ's (Chi) ambassadors (Alpha)."  We're not a fraternity or sorority but if you're looking for brotherhood and sisterhood, you've come to the right place.

What are we like?  So glad you asked! 

In Chi Alpha, all we do is guided by our three anchors: real devotional life, real community, and real responsibility.

Real Devotional Life: Our desire is that every student would have a vibrant, personal relationship with God. We believe that a real devotional life is necessary to maintain a solid relationship with God. Through spending time in the Word, and communicating with God frequently through prayer, we can thrive!

Real Community: We are made for community! We believe that the greatest transformation occurs when we are living in real community with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. That is why we consider the most important part of Chi Alpha to be our Core Groups.

Real Responsibility: We believe that every Christian has an outward responsibility and should play a role in global missions, relational evangelism, and justice. In Chi Alpha, we provide students with opportunities to serve on all levels.