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Tuesday Night Live

We gather every Tuesday in Battell Chapel to share our journey at Yale together. We will worship God with song; hear someone's story; and hear a message from one of our campus pastors. This is our weekly opportunity to be together to laugh, sing, learn and pray for one another - we can't wait for you to join us! 

Our meeting runs from 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. Come take a study break and hang with us!

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Core groups

Core groups meet to talk about community, the story of Christ, and what this thing called “life” is all about.  It's a great opportunity to dive deep into scripture and learn how we can love and live in a whole new way; of being with friends old and new; making a difference in the lives of those around us; and preparing to be a Jesus follower wherever we go in life!

Core Groups Spring 2018


Mondays 6pm | Tiffany, Sharon, Danielle
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Thursdays 7:30pm | Glodie, Karnessia, Alexis
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Thursdays 8:15pm | Hana, Nancy, Sabrina
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Wednesdays 5:30pm | Andrew, Avery, Ethan
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Thursdays 5:30pm | Keniel, Kenneth, Victor, Xavier
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Thursdays 5:45pm | Christian, Stevens
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Fridays 6:30pm | Emil, Moses, Archie
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Sometimes the most important thing is to get away, listen to God in stillness and solitude, and have others speak in to your lives…..wait a minute….that’s a retreat!

**Coming Fall 2018!



  Yale Chi Alpha Spring Break Team 2016 to Granada, Spain

Yale Chi Alpha Spring Break Team 2016 to Granada, Spain

Missions and Service

We are always looking for ways to serve others locally and globally. Our community will participate in missions trips around the world and seek ways to minister to the people around us. 

This year, we are taking a team to Grenoble, France! Please pray for the team and the ministry that will happen over Spring Break